Launching of El Gouna « Life as it Should Be » TV

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Launching of El Gouna « Life as it Should Be » TV

Orascom Hotels & Development, El Gouna & 3W – What a Wonderful World Productions are very proud to announce the launch of the new El Gouna TV, the 6th of June 2016 onwards.

El Gouna TV will be a 24/7 high standard travel & lifestyle channel based on El Gouna « life as it should be » feel good state of mind. Human sided stories & useful news (weather forecast, events) will lead the channel and enable people throughout the world to see how El Gouna lives and grows everyday.

Cross-­‐medias distribution will allow more than 500.000 people to access to all the content. El Gouna TV will be available to residents & tourists through Channel 1 (Cable TV & IPTV). Outside El Gouna (Egypt & overseas) El Gouna TV will be also available online through Orascom Hotels & Development networks including as well as through social medias (Replay & VOD).

Content, programming & running will be supplied exclusively by 3W What a Wonderful World (, a TV production company based both in France and Middle East with the El Gouna TV staff based in El Gouna.

“We want to thank El Gouna management teams, Orascom Hotels & Development & TU Berlin for their support with special credit to Mr Eng Samih Sawiris who has been supportive from day one. El Gouna TV won’t just be only a local channel. It will be a cross media extension of the human & life sided spirit that built this town, a spirit that people want to share more and more even when they don’t have the opportunity to come or to live there.” says Benoit Pensivy, founder & CEO, former french media sport group (L’Equipe TV, L’ & radio) editorial director.

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Laura Epsztein, El Gouna TV communication manager [email protected]

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